January 15, 2018

By Dr.Rushalli Nair

In today’s fast pace world, where everyone is out to reach somewhere, we are ignoring the importance of proper digestion of the food. With the help of advanced technology, we are fully aware of ‘nutrients’ present in each and every type of food. But are we keeping track of our digestion? Are we recognising hunger?

Dear friends, please go ahead and ask yourself following questions:-
Do you wake up feeling dull?
Do you have to take laxatives regularly?
Do you feel hungry at regular intervals or do you eat just because it is time to eat?
Do you get episodes of loose motions or semi formed to constipated, hard stools?
Do you feel bloated most of the times?
Are you loosing your hair?, do you have dull, lifeless skin that has lost its original shine and lustre?
Is your energy going down in spite of consuming a planned diet of ‘nutritious’ food?
Do you get frequent bouts of low grade fever, migraines, dull body pain?

If at least 5 out of 8 answers are yes, then you are facing Indigestion or Ajeerna as per the science of Ayurveda.

This indigestion can very easily lead to hyperacidity or ulcers, chronic constipation, joint pain, Irritable Bowels etc..,the list is endless.

Ayurveda has given tremendous importance to a healthy digestion which leads to proper absorption of nutrieating disordersents to nourish your body. This well absorbed ‘rasa’ or digested juice further strengthens all the elements and a part of this nutrition nourishes your mind too. Thus, you can achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Here are some precautions to avoid indigestion :-

Avoid drinking water immediately after food
Avoid late nights
Avoid sleeping or lying down after meals or even sitting or slouching on your bed
Control your emotions like worry, anxiety, anger, sadness , jealousy, fear
Recognise hunger, eat only when you are hungry
Consume light meals for dinner

The Role of Ayurvedic interventions which will eliminate indigestion;

Vaman therapy is very effective to eliminate indigestion. This therapy involves clearing mucous accumulation in the oesophagus and upper digestive track. It helps to relieve accumulated stress, stored in the form of emotions in the heart and region of the throat.
Eventually it activates hunger, enhances diaphragmatic movement, leading to proper digestion.
Other therapies like Basti or Virechana are also effective.

digestion, Precaution :-

These therapies should be performed under the supervision of qualified Ayurvedic physician only after Prakriti and Vikriti analysis

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