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MD. (Ayur.)(Mum.)

Dr.Rushalli is a Master in Ayurvedic Medicine (M.D.). She has also been awarded by NIMA (a government body to recognise academic excellence of Ayurvedic doctors) for her academic excellence. She is assisted by a team of well experienced health therapists. Her rich clinical experience of 14 years has enabled her clinic to achieve laurels and successes in treating various simple as well as complicated health concerns of her patients.

Dr.Rushalli is actively practicing the teachings of her Guru, Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy and is implementing it successfully to improve and improvise on her skills of diagnosis. She is finding very effective and promising results in her practice.

Her clinic offers various curative health services which are powerful, proven and also traditional in nature. The effect is a truly glowing skin and a body well healed from within and pumped in with a big dose of immunity boosters to help you enjoy health for a long time to come. She also offers beauty treatments that enhance both the inner and outward beauty in an individual and is also anti-ageing in nature. Her facial services have indeed seen a lot of happy, glowing faces walking out of our treatment centre. To add to the inner beauty is the Diet counselling Services who provide the best information on Diet and Nutrition as per Ayurvedic principles.

She is actively involved in teaching Ayurvedic recipes to help people enjoy a healthy cuisine. She has also been effectively controlling various ailments through tailor made herbal medicines.


Nadi Vaidya (Siddha), Yoga Acharya

Nadi Vaidya Ravishankar Krishnamurthy was tutored in a Gurukulam under his Guru for more than 4 years and spent over 5 years with sages and traditional Vaidyas in the Himalayas. He has been in practice for the last 26 years.

He is one of the very few living Gurus who is practicing Ravana Nadi, a part of the Ravana Samhita. It is the oldest treatise on Nadi Pariksha, a diagnostic tool to ascertain the cause of any ailment in both body and mind through your pulse. This is the most profound and elaborate of all diagnostic tools present till today across any diagnostic platform. Bringing this to practice is very effectively cementing Ayurveda’s future on this planet and is making it the most accurate and effective science both in Diagnosis and in identifying accurately the right treatment processes.

Being a Management graduate specialising in Information Systems, he has successfully developed the documentation of the inferences through Nadi Pariksha in a diagnostic report which is 1st time in the history of Ayurveda.

We know only of the Pathanjali Yoga Sutras. Under the active guidance of his Guru in a gurukulam, he has been tutored in the knowledge of the other 17 Siddhas whose healing systems through Yoga, Siddha Medicine, Tantra Shastra & Kriyas are equally or more powerful than the Pathanjali system of Yoga.

The knowledge of Yoga from the Tantra Shastra from where his Diksha happened through has had a very profound effect of peoples’ lives. Not only is it very effective, but is very influencing and long staying in its effects on the human body, mind and consciousness.

He teaches the Kriya Yoga as taught by Mahavatara Babaji through his Guru’s grace as he belongs to the same lineage of the Siddhas tradition. Kriya Yoga is the most powerful technique of liberating oneself from all the Karmas in this life to attain Samadhi.

He has mastered all the 297 Pranayamas in the Pranayama sutra and can effectively teach them to manage or heal various ailments. Combined with Yoga therapy & Kriyas, these powerful interventions are very effective and replace any modern therapies very easily and effectively. These can be combined most effectively with Panchakarma and other therapies to bring forth powerful healing for patients.

His treatment through Marma Kalai, an ancient system of stimulating and activating Prana in various psycho-physiological centres in the human body activates the flow of energy and brings forth complete healing in the fastest possible time. Combined with Mudras and Pranayamas, there cannot be more powerful and effective tools for healing.

He has also developed this unique technique where Marma Kalai can be combined with Hand & Foot reflexology to bring forth more powerful and long lasting healing and comfort to patients.

His unique yet powerful style of Counselling forms an integral part of his healing. They are time tested and have been applied on thousands of patients. The results have shown remarkable calming effects on the patients and have also empowered them to take charge of their lives and be happy again

He is a part of the advisory council of the government of Karnataka in Yoga and Health, he has been able to bring forth a very practical and realistic practice of Yoga and other healthy practices through Ayurveda that do not compromise it’s fundamentals in any way.

Currently he has also started to teach these ancient techniques to qualified Ayurvedic practitioners. Dr.Rushalli is his first Shishya or Spiritual student who is learning to inculcate these powerful practices in her diagnosis and treatments.

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