Dr. Rushalli Nair – Doctor with a Mission

I’m finding myself a humbled by journey filled with optimism and positivity. My nostalgia is seeking my permission to actively surge ahead with more vigour and set far more better milestones to achieve. With thousands of consultations crediting my effort; and in the recent past, after my initiation into Nadi Pariksha ( 300-400 Nadi Parikshas to my credit), I feel honored and fortunate for the divine to have chosen me for this mission!

Vedang Clinic is where all this is happening. Born in January 2008, I started with humble beginnings. With no proper financial support, I ceaselessly and relentlessly got into all roles… from being a sweeper to a compounder in the clinic. I nurtured it with love and care and grew up with Vedang.

Service has been my motto. There were days when I used to reach the clinic at 5.30 am for Vamana, waited till late night to support and comfort my patients undergoing therapies. I am remembering all those powerful nostalgic memories today as I take another step forward in launching my website,

Staying in the Clinic and serving my patients who came in trusting me made me forget all my stress and pain. That’s a beauty of Ayurveda I want you to see! Integrating one’s consciousness with that of your patients! Once a Vaidya always a Vaidya.. You start breathing, eating, sleeping and living Ayurveda… It empowers your core and nourishes you fundamentally.

I wanted to excel in my work. I kept praying for divine guidance and help!

September 2015 was a milestone in my journey as I met my gurudeva Nadi Vaidya Shri.Ravishankar Krishnamurthy. He is very versatile in the science of Ravana Nadi Pariksha and the ancient science of Yoga Shastra, Chhaya Shastra, Swara Yoga and Marma Chikitsa. He initiated me into an almost forgotten powerful ancient diagnostic vidya called Ravana Nadi. To empower me spiritually, he initiated me into kriya yoga and Devi sadhana. He transformed me completely on a psycho-physiological and spiritual level.

As a true Guru should be, he has played the role of being my mother, father, friend and philosopher and guided me throughout. His energy is working as a catapult and I continue to rise powerfully as a Vaidya that I am today. I also stand tall as a proud, strong lady.

I find myself proudly working with him shoulder to shoulder, learning day and night, enhancing my knowledge and nurturing my overall being. Millions and millions thanks to him for showering his his grace on me.